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Long Range Development Plan
Final Environmental Impact Report

January 2002

The following files are in PDF format. You will need Acrobat Reader to view these files. Some files are very large and will take time to open.

This page was last updated on August 24, 2004

Volume 1
Download Full Volume 1 Document (46.2 MB)
Cover (2.7 MB)
Table of Contents (52 K)
1. Introduction (20 K)
  1.1 Purpose of the Final Environmental Impact Report
1.2 Format of the Final Environmental Impact Report
2. Index to Comments and Responses (146 K)
3. Project Refinements (4.9 MB)
3.1 Changes to the LRDP Land Use Diagram
3.2 Clarification with Respect to Campus Potable Water Supply
3.3 Changes to the Boundary of Phase 1 Campus
4. Response to Comments
4.1 CEQA Process (122 K)
4.1.A Relationship to Site Selection Process
4.1.B Relationship to County CEQA Process
4.1.C Relationship to Federal NEPA Process
4.1.D Relationship Between LRDP Analysis of the Phase 1 Campus and Future Development
4.1.E Notices, Document Availability, Requests for Time Extensions
4.1.F Areas of Controversy
4.1.G Recirculation Requests
4.1.H Miscellaneous Comments
4.2 Purpose and Need (29 K)
4.2.A Relationship Between Overall Goals and Specific Project Objectives
4.2.B Relationship Between Implementing Strategies and Specific Project Objectives
4.2.C Expressions of Support for UC Merced Project
4.3 Permitting (44 K)
4.3.A Relationship Between EIR/LRDP and CWA/ESA Permitting
4.3.B Section 404 LEDPA Analysis and Evidence Needed for LEDPA Analysis
4.4 Project Description (98 K)
4.4.A Treatment of Campus Land Reserve and Campus Natural Reserve
4.4.B Data Regarding Campus Size
4.4.C Explanation of Land Requirements and Collocation of Specific Programs
4.4.D Campus Population
4.4.E Treatment of Merced Irrigation District’s Irrigation Facilities
4.4.F Corrections to the Project Description
4.5 Aesthetics (25 K)
4.5.A Views From Lake Yosemite Regional Park
4.5.B Cumulative Effect of Urbanization
4.6 Agricultural Resources (51 K)
4.6.A Project Impacts on Agricultural Resources and Mitigation
4.6.B Cumulative Impacts and Mitigation
4.6.C Compatibility with County General Plan Policies
4.6.D Issues Related to Indirect Effects of the University Community
4.6.E Miscellaneous
4.7 Air Quality (92 K)
4.7.A Adequacy of Impact Analysis
4.7.B Consistency with Attainment Plans and Conformity Issues
4.7.C Air Quality Mitigation
4.7.D Relationship Between Project Objectives and Project Design and Air Quality Impacts
4.8 Biological Resources (1.2 MB)
4.8.A Environmental Setting
4.8.B Methodology
4.8.C Impact Analysis
4.8.D Adequacy of Mitigation Program
4.9 Cultural Resources (15 K)
4.10 Geology (21 K)
4.10.A Earthquake Hazards
4.10.B Other Concerns
4.11 Hazards and Hazardous Material (51 K)
4.11.A Hazardous Materials Transportation and Storage
4.11.B Pollution from Wastewater Treatment
4.11.C Other Safety Concerns
4.12 Hydrology and Water Quality (115 K)
4.12.A Basinwide Groundwater Effects and Merced Water Supply Plan
4.12.B Localized Groundwater Effects
4.12.C Other Water Supply Issues
4.12.D Downstream Pollution from Site Runoff
4.12.E Site Drainage
4.12.F Water Conservation and Recycling
4.12.G Other Concerns
4.13 Land Use and Planning (16 K)
4.14 Noise (21 K)
4.14.A Effects on Lake Yosemite Regional Park
4.14.B Other Concerns
4.15 Population, Employment, and Housing (22 K)
4.15.A Data and Forecasts
4.15.B Housing Effects
4.16 Public Services (26 K)
4.16.A Police and Fire
4.16.B Schools
4.16.C Cost
4.17 Recreation (31 K)
4.17.A Impacts on Lake Yosemite Regional Park
4.17.B Other Park Facilities Demands
4.17.C Conversion of County Park Land by the University
4.18 Traffic, Circulation, and Parking (176 K)
4.18.A Traffic Analysis and Scope of Study
4.18.B Mitigation
4.18.C Suggestions for Additional/Modified Circulation System Improvements
4.18.D Mass Transit and Other Traffic Alternatives
4.18.E Parking
4.19 Utilities (48 K)
4.19.A Wastewater Treatment by City
4.19.B Electricity and Natural Gas
4.19.C Water Service Infrastructure
4.19.D Solid Waste Disposal
4.20 Cumulative Impacts (27 K)
4.20.A Potential Other Future Projects
4.20.B Scope of EIR’s Cumulative Impacts Analysis
4.21 Alternatives (157 K)
4.21.A Appropriateness of the Size of the Campus
4.21.B Criteria Used in Evaluating Alternatives
4.21.C Smaller Campus/Decreased Population
4.21.D Smaller Campus/Higher Density Alternative
4.21.E Smaller Campus/Fewer Programs
4.21.F On-Site Alternatives
4.21.G Off-Site Alternatives
4.21.H North Merced/Bellevue Ranch Alternative
4.21. I Castle Airport Alternative
4.21.J Suggestion to Locate Campus Elsewhere Near the Proposed Site
4.21.K Fresno Alternatives and Other Alternatives Studied in the SSEIR
4.21.L General
4.22 Growth-Inducing Impacts (64 K)
4.22.A Growth Effects Beyond Eastern Merced County
4.22.B Induced Growth
4.22.C Explanation of Land Requirements and Proposed Location of the University Community
4.22.D Miscellaneous Growth Issues
4.23 Phase 1 Campus (29 K)
4.23.A Buffer
4.23.B Construction Impacts
4.23.C Impact to Merced River from Aggregate Removal
4.23.D Housing
4.23.E Phase 1 Traffic
5. List of Preparers (24 K)
A Visual Effects Screening Analysis (468 K)
B1 Plant Species Observed in the Campus Parkway Study Area (48 K)
B2 Survey of Eastern Merced County (Vollmar Consulting) (38 K)
B3 References, Tables, and Figures for Appendix C of Draft EIR (31.7 MB)
B4 Literature Review for Edge Effects (27 K)
B5 Air Pollution Outputs/Literature Review (1.3 MB)
B6 Planning Agreement for Preparation of a Natural Community Conservation Plan/Habitat Conservation Plan for Eastern Merced County (2.9 MB)
C References for Section 4.14 of the Draft EIR (13 K)

Volume 2
Download Full Volume 2 Document (5.8 MB)
Cover (2.7 MB)
Table of Contents (13 K)
6. Summary of Impacts and Mitigation Measures (310 K)
7. Changes to the Draft EIR (194 K)
7.1 Changes to Volume 1 of the Draft EIR
7.1.A Executive Summary
7.1.B Project Description
7.1.C Demographic Characteristics
7.1.D Agricultural Resources
7.1.E Air Quality
7.1.F Biological Resources
7.1.G Geology, Soils, and Seismicity
7.1.H Hydrology and Water Quality
7.1. I Noise
7.1.J Population, Employment, and Housing
7.1.K Public Services
7.1.L Traffic, Circulation, and Parking
7.1.M Utilities
7.2 Changes to Volume 2 of the Draft EIR
7.2.A Summary

Environmental Setting, Impacts, and Mitigation

Volume 3
Download Full Volume 3 Document (81.2 MB)
Cover (2.7 MB)
Index to Comments (46 K)
Comment Letters (78.3 MB)
Federal Agencies (FA) (1.5 MB)
State Agencies (SA) (20.9 MB)
Local Agencies (LA) (15 MB)
Organizations and Groups (O) (29.9 MB)
Individuals (I) (11.1 MB)
Public Hearing Reporter’s Transcript (202 K)

Documents can also be obtained through Patti Istas with the University of California or from Robert Smith with the County of Merced.

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